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Title SK Innovation Decides on a Cash Interim Dividend per share of KRW 1,600 Date 2017-07-26
Contents * Cash dividend per share of KRW 1,600
* Proactive returns for shareholders with stable prospects

SK Innovation has decided to pay an interim dividend per share of KRW 1,600 during the board meeting that was held last December 26, 2017. As the first interim dividend to be paid after the founding of the company, the total interim dividend is expected to reach KRW 149.1 billion, which is 25% of the previous year’s dividend per share of KRW 6,400.

This decision, which was issued during the middle of the business year, is interpreted as a show of confidence in the capacity of the company to provide strong financial returns. SK Innovation has indeed managed to provide the highest business results in its history during the first quarter of the year, thanks to the results of its preemptive structural reforms that were centered on chemicals, lubricants, and other non-prospective businesses.

SK Innovation has historically focused on providing stable amounts of dividends in its payouts. With the projections of favorable returns for this year, SK Innovation is expected to step up its dividends policy in a more proactive way.

The interim dividends are expected to be wired to the personal accounts of the shareholders within one month after the decision was made.